About Us

About Us

Wings Alliance provides individuals wanting to become a commercial pilot with the opportunity to complete their EASA training through an alliance of ‘approved’, high quality, Flight Training Schools; creating a credible, cost-effective and supported route to airline employment.

The Wings Alliance is a not-for-profit trade organisation whose members from across Europe, have been selected based on their reputation and results.

Choice of flight training schools

Training with the Wings Alliance will allow individuals to choose the best and most appropriate Flight Schools for their circumstances at every stage, whilst providing them with a comprehensive training record which is invaluable for airline recruiters.

The Wings Alliance can provide training from a student’s very first flight right up into airline employment. Each member company will have different products and prices, they may be located in different EU states and may fly different aircraft types. They may actually be in competition with each other but nevertheless each Wings Alliance member will be happy to recommend the services of any other member. This is an alliance of mutual respect and trust.

The complete training route is designed and delivered by specialist and experienced instructors. The Wings Alliance understand the challenges facing airlines in ensuring they select the ‘best’ pilots, and this new initiative will provide them with rigorously assessed individuals ready to embark on their new careers as First Officers.

“Wings Alliance, is a high quality training route; through our members, we can offer a real alternative for aspiring commercial pilots who are seeking a direct route to airline employment.” Alex Whittingham of Bristol Groundschool, a founder member of the Wings Alliance.

Our mission

  • To be open and honest with all stakeholders.
  • To be fair with everyone we deal with.
  • To inspire and educate our students to achieve their ambition to secure their career in flying.
  • Dedicated to providing the best commercial pilot training route in the industry.
  • To Ensure superior customer service and support throughout a student’s training.
  • To offer high quality, cost effective and safe pilot training.
  • To operate an Alliance of mutual trust and respect.
  • To continually develop our training programs to ensure that they lead the field and meet the highest standards in the flight training industry.

Our vision

  • To become the most respected provider of modular commercial pilot training in Europe.

A spokesperson from The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) said: “BALPA supports initiatives that open up the training options for aspiring pilots. The modular route gives students the same licence as integrated programmes, but gives them flexibility because it allows them to complete sections of the course at a time, and pace that suits them and their finances.”

While emphasising the importance of individual choice BALPA went on to say: “We wish the Wings Alliance luck in their new venture and hope it reaches a diverse range of students.”

Our Flight Training Programmes