Wings Alliance Airline Pilot Assessment

Wings Alliance Airline Pilot Assessment

Pilot Assessment course

Do you have what it takes to become a commercial pilot? Find out and prepare for your training with our Pilot Assessment Course.

Our Pilot Assessment course in a nutshell

Are you ready for commercial pilot training? What skills do you have that will suit you to flight theory? Where are the areas where you will need to really apply yourself during training? Those are the questions we seek to answer with our Pilot Assessment course, which takes place online and can be attended by anyone, anywhere.

It’s no secret that commercial flight training is expensive. Before you commit to your first phase of training, it’s sensible to see if you have the soft skills and aptitude to thrive. Our assessment course will measure your current abilities against the criteria that training schools and airline recruiters search for. So you can see if you are cut out for a career in the flight deck.

What to expect

Don’t panic. The process is designed to be accessible, friendly, and informative. We are here to help you – not interrogate you. By the end of the process, you will be able to zero in on the areas where you are competent – as well as the areas where you need to improve. So you can increase your chances of being selected for training and – eventually – getting recruited by an airline.

Over 2-3 hours, we will explore the areas below.

  1. Aptitude testing

Seven days prior to your assessment course, you will be sent log-in instructions to your aptitude tests, which must be completed before you do the assessment course is attended.

Competency-based interview

You will be asked a series of questions designed to see how motivated and able you are to become a commercial pilot. You will be tested on industry knowledge and what life might be like as a First Officer. This is also an opportunity to chat with our training advisers about your ambitions and ask any questions you may have about training.

  1. Individual planning exercise

This is designed to put you under pressure: dealing with a lot of information with a time constraint.  You will be given a specific challenge and then asked to brief your assessor on your solution.

  1. Computer-based testing

This will include personality profiling as well as a series of tests on areas such as spatial reasoning, verbal reasoning, and mathematical capabilities.

     4. Maths, physics and aviation quizzing

This includes assessments to test your understanding on GCSE / High School equivalent physics and maths. As well as this, you will be questioned on generic aviation knowledge. We appreciate that you may not have started flight training yet, so we tailor these quizzes based on your experience.

What do you get out of it? Constructive and unbiased feedback.

Within a week of attending your Pilot Assessment Day, you will receive a detailed report that identifies your current strengths as well as the areas you need to focus on during your training. The debrief you are given will be honest and constructive. Unlike training providers who use their assessment or ‘selection’ as part of their sales process, we have no incentive to encourage you in one direction or another. It’s all about giving you the information to make informed choices – and present yourself in the best light if you go on to apply for training. Added bonus? Because our Pilot Assessment Day mirrors the style of training schools’ selection process, you will be prepared and ready to impress.



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Who can apply?

To apply for our Pilot Assessment Day, you must be:

Over 17 years of age

Educated to GCSE level, ideally with 5 passes at A*- C, including English and Maths

Legally allowed to work and live in the UK or EU

Qualified in ICAO Aviation English Language Proficiency at Level 4+

It’s also worth checking that you are medically fit to work as a pilot by obtaining a Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Note, some employers stipulate that you must achieve first-time, or first-series passes of the CPL and IR licence skill tests, an average theory exam pass mark of 85% or better, and fail no more than two theory exams. If you do not meet these criteria, you will still be eligible for other employers. Complete the application form and we’ll contact you to discuss your employment prospects before committing.


How to apply

Our Pilot Assessment Day costs £195. Complete our application form and one of our training advisors will assess your details and contact you to discuss available dates.

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We’re here to help you

The process is designed to be accessible, friendly, and informative.  Remember, this is an assessment and not a selection; as a training organisation, we aim to help you learn and develop.

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