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Flight Training

Why choose Wings Alliance:

Lower Cost

We can provide you with flight training routes that are dramatically lower in price than typical cadet programmes; typically between £47,000 – £65,000 as opposed to £90,000+.  You can use our budget calculator to see how much it might cost you. 

Quality Assurance

Wings Alliance members are all specialists in their particular area of training, and respected in the industry. We get excellent feedback from students, which includes praise for the support that we give in helping our students find jobs within the airline industry.

Employment Focus

All our programmes have the same objective; to maximise your chances of securing employment. Thousands of graduates of our member schools are flying in airlines across the world.

Flexibility and Choice

We offer you choices so you can fit your training around your needs.  We have a choice of training routes, all starting with assessment and all leading to employment.  You can choose a bespoke package, our fully managed programme, a vast array of locations, and training to suit your priorities. 

As part of your course with Wings Alliance, we offer an airline-style Assessment, helping you when it comes applying to airlines. 

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Flexible programme (full or part-time)

One of the great things about modular flight training is its flexibility.

This programme provides you with the ability to train part or full-time, around your other commitments and at a speed determined by you. Whatever your requirements, we can likely accommodate them and at a considerably lower price than a full-time integrated programme.

You could complete the training in as little as 12 months if you are prepared to work non-stop, or alternatively spread it over several years to fit in with other commitments.

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Managed Programme

If you want a full-time all-encompassing packaged course, with everything organised for you, this might be the best choice.

Training starts with our partners Smart Aviation in Poland.  When you have gained your private pilots licence you will continue flying, along-side theory study with Bristol Groundschool.  After completing your professional exams, there are three options for the CPL/MEIR phase: in Sweden, the UK or Poland, before the final phase in the UK consisting of three modules: Advanced Upset Prevention Training, Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation training and Airline Preparation Training.

The whole course takes around 20 months (although, uniquely for a managed programme, there is the option to slow down your training so as to avoid graduating too early), and the base price is £54900.
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Degree Programme

Our newly launched BEng Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies degree programme is delivered in partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. This programme gives you the flexibility to pursue a degree which includes a Private Pilots Licence (PPL).

There is the option for students to study the Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) theory and practical flight training alongside their degree, enabling you to qualify as a commercial pilot whilst also obtaining a degree.

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The final part of your flight training will be the Wings Alliance Airline Pilot Standards MCC course.  This bridges the gap between light training aircraft and multi-pilot airliners.

The purpose of the course is to prepare you for airline employment and type rating, and we use it as our final quality assurance step, enabling us to recommend graduates to airlines as the best prospects on the job market. We also offer it as a standalone course for anyone who is not a Wings Alliance cadet.

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Day-to-day, your flight training will be managed by your chosen flight schools. We receive regular reports on your progress, performance and behaviour, and we will not intervene if things are going according to plan.

If you encounter any serious issues, we will support you and participate in the decision-making process.

We will contact you on a regular basis to ensure all is going well and your training is going as planned. You are also free to phone or email us about any questions you may have.

How does modular training work?

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