Costs and Finance

Costs and Finance

How much does pilot training cost?

This is not straightforward to answer, as there are many choices that will affect the cost of pilot training. Here is an example of a student’s training costs to see how much it might cost you to train via the modular route. Typically, training via the modular route costs between £55,000-£70,000.  Our training advisor can help you prepare a budget.

The benefit of choosing the modular route is that you can work a full-time job while also studying to become a commercial pilot. This can make the modular route significantly more affordable compared to integrated routes.

Whats the cost of pilot training?

How can I pay for pilot training?

For many would-be pilots, the costs of training are the greatest barrier to entry to the profession. You can download a guide for the UK – although the situation may be different in your own country, the same principles are likely to apply.

Useful documents and website:
Raising the finance (pdf)
Experian – In the UK Experian offer a free credit check

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