Costs and Finance

Costs and Finance

What will it cost?

This is not straightforward to answer, as there are many choices that will affect your final costs. Have a look at the budget calculator to see how much it might cost you to train with the Wings Alliance.

Here is an example of a student’s training costs; which even includes a 10% contingency allowance for ‘extras’ such as additional training. Typically, our training routes cost between 50-65K, although they can be less than £40,000.  Our training advisor can help you prepare a budget.

How can I pay for it?

For many would-be pilots the costs of training are the greatest barrier to entry to the profession. You can download a guide for the UK; although the situation may be different in your own country, the same principles are likely to apply.

Useful documents and website:
Example training costs (pdf)
Raising the finance (pdf)
Experian – In the UK Experian offer a free credit check

I really feel the Wings Alliance helped me secure my job with Thomas Cook. My total training cost was approx. £45,000.
Michael Windsor, First Officer, British Airways

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