Training to become a commercial pilot involves making memories that will last a lifetime. And with Wings Alliance, you won’t be making them alone. Find out how we keep you connected with our training advisors and other students throughout your training.


Connect with other pilots

Every year hundreds of aspiring pilots join Wings Alliance. And thanks to our Discord channel, you can connect with other pilots who are at a similar stage in their training as you. It’s an online community that’s always there – and unbound by geographical constraints. A place to share progress, ask questions and spur one another’s growth to becoming fully qualified. 


Wings Alliance members walk among you…

With a community of over a hundred members, it’s very likely that some of the pilots you meet in our Discord channel will be studying at your flight school. There’s strength in numbers – and very often there’s friendship too.

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It’s free to become a member of Wings Alliance – and puts fantastic resources at your fingertips. All designed to streamline your pathway from student to an employed commercial pilot. Join Wings Alliance today.

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