Bartolini Air, Poland

Bartolini Air, Poland

Bartolini Air provides EASA approved professional flight training.

All flight training takes place at the Lodz Lublinek (EPLL) airport in Poland. EPLL is an international airport which has a 2,500 meter runway equipped with ILS/VOR and RNAV navigational aids. As a fully controlled international airfield which receives low volumes of commercial air traffic EPLL is ideal for flight training.

Bartolini Air has a fleet of 5 Tecnam P2002, 2 Tecnam P2006T and one Piper Seneca 5 training aircraft. All aircraft are equipped with electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) avionics and maintained at our in house CAMO certified maintenance facility.

ATPL theory courses are organised in co-operation with Bristol Groundschool, Europe’s leading EASA ATPL learning specialist. Licensing can be done directly by the UKCAA (or any EASA authority) after testing with one of our EASA/UKCAA approved examiners.


Bartolini Air, Poland
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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

- Paul Flanagan

Great school

I did my CPL and FI rating there, currently flying the 737-800 for the most famous low fares company in Europe, all that I can say is that Bartolini Air is a great training school, good quality of teaching and nice pilot atmosphere, I would recommend it
- Carlos Garcia

Night VFR

I did night VFR here in Oct 2014. Excellent school. Great instructors who push their students to achieve top standards. I will be going back soon to do atpl exams and instructor rating. Another point I liked is that Ryanair fly direct to Lodz airport. Cheap flight and you could do your 12 hours biannual cheaper than at home :-)
- John Looby


I did my CPL/ME/IR at Bartolini Air during the summer 2016. I received top notch training based on assumption about future airline flying. Very good instructors, high standard, modern fleet, helpfull staff. I would recommend to everyone who is interested in an airline pilot career.
- Jakub Velicka

Great School

Top Instructors, Aircrafts and Location. Very happy with the quality of my ME CPL IR Training.
- Pawel Fraczkowski

Fantastic school

Great school with great planes and brilliant instructors . I did my CPL/ME/IR with them . Very soon after finishing I got my first job in the Airlines flying a 737-800
- Alan Duffy


Come with the right attitude, and you will be completely fine at this school! Bartolini don't spoon feed you, you have to prepare for your flights well. The instruction was top notch, all very experienced instructors, and the experience here was nice. Like all schools, there are minor issues with plane availabilty especially when hour building, so I suggest you come here with most of your hour building done. But if professional training at a great cost is what you are for, then this is a great school.
- Albert Bonnici


I did the CPL/ME/IR training + hour building at Bartolini Air in February-April 2016, very good aircraft conditions especially the ones used for ME training. Good simulator for IR training, very helpful staff. Many instructors flying private jets, so we received a professional training with valuable tips regarding the job as an airline pilot. Also, Lodz ATC controllers speak very good English and do their best to help you in all situations. I am currently doing the type rating on B737-800 with one of the famous and biggest low cost company in Europe. I highly recommend Bartolini Air !
- Bogdan Toader


After numerous positive recommendations, I decided to complete my CPL and ME/IR with Bartolini Air. Probably the best decision I have made in my flight training. This school excels in every aspect, and provides you with top quality training in best environments. Thank You!
- Filip Hizak

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