APS MCC - Multi Crew Training

APS MCC – Multi Crew Training

APS MCC – Multi Crew Training

The final part of all our programmes consists of an Airline Pilot Standards Multi-crew Cooperation Course (APS-MCC) and Airline Preparation Training (APT).  If you have not already completed it, we can combine the training with Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT).  The training may be completed to UK CAA, EASA or both standards.

You need to complete a Multi-Crew Cooperation course (MCC) before your first multi-pilot type rating. You have a choice of a basic MCC course or an APS-MCC.

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What’s the difference?

The minimum regulatory requirement is a basic MCC course consisting of some theory training in multi-crew concepts and 20 hours of simulator training, usually shared with one partner. There is no pass standard as such.

Basic MCC courses are cheaper than an APS-MCC, but are not regarded by most airlines as adequate preparation for a first type rating and do not prepare you as well for an airline interview and sim check.

The APS-MCC involves double the practical training of the basic MCC and has additional theory training requirements as well. Read this article which goes into the different types of course in more detail.

Nearly every airline will expect you at a minimum to hold a MCC completion certificate before you apply to them, most require more than the minimum in the shape of an MCC JOC course and some state an active preference for candidates to hold an APS MCC pass certificate.

Completing our APS-MCC course will improve your chances of gaining employment.

A-UPRT, APS-MCC and APT with Wings Alliance

The A-UPRT training is provided by Wings Alliance partner British Aerobatics Academy.  The purpose of this training is to quip you with the skills needed to recognise and recover from unusual positions and so prevent upsets (loss of control situations) or recover from them.  The training take place both in the classroom and aerobatic capable aircraft and is required before your first multi-crew type rating.

Wings Alliance partner school VA Training conduct the APS-MCC module.  Training takes place over a three-week period and start in the classroom before progressing onto either Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320 simulators.  You will be trained by current airline pilots how to operate as a crew in a modern jet airline and be introduced to handing complex high-performance aircraft.

Finally, you will return to the Wings Alliance HQ in Somerset, UK, where you will be debriefed and provided with a written report on your whole training, you will receive instruction and assistance on preparing airline applications and you will be trained how to present yourself best in airline assessment.  The support will continue until you have your first job.


The course fees are £6900 or £8200 inclusive of A-UPRT training.  Accommodation is extra.  This phase is included in the Managed Programme.

The quality of the training is fantastic, you receive a well-structured package including one-to-one tuition and regular assessments. I’m so glad I chose the Wings Alliance APS MCC course as I passed my sim assessment and secured my dream airline job.” James Dawkins, Jet2

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Entry to the course for non-Wings Alliance candidates is usually via our airline style Assessment, which costs £195. It is conducted at the Wings Alliance headquarters in Clevedon, near Bristol, UK. Assessment days are scheduled every month on a Friday. If you prefer, you may do the assessment after training or not at all.

Please note, however, that an airline recommendation is dependent on you being graded ‘airline ready’ though assessment, and achieving a pass with Merit or Distinction on the APS MCC course.

We are often asked why we suggest people undertake our assessment before doing our APS MCC. The answer is simple. We are a not-for-profit organisation with ethical values. Before enrolling you on this course we would like to know that you are ready and have a very high chance of graduating, not only to the APS MCC pass rate, but to a standard where we will be happy to recommend you to an airline.

We also want you to have the confidence that your training partners are of a similar standard and you will not be held back by others who are not ready to make the transition from light aircraft to airliners. If you undertake assessment prior to training and you pass, we will refund the assessment fee when you complete your training with us (for students who are only taking the APS MCC with us).


Unlike MCC courses, our APS MCC course is assessed and graduates will be awarded a grade. This is based on both your performance through training and on the final skills test. The grading scale is 1-5:

1-2: Not airline ready
3: Pass
4: Pass with Merit
5: Pass with Distinction (rare)

Graduate Placement Support

Airline recruiters know that they can rely on Wings Alliance candidates. 98% of our graduates have secured employment with an airline within a few months of completing their training, and we have a 100% success rate in Ryanair applications. Our graduates have also gone on to fly with British Airways, easyJet, Jet2 and more.

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A key consideration when choosing an APS MCC training provider should be: “How will they help me get my first airline job?”

We help our graduates find employment by providing support throughout the airline application process, and we won’t stop until you’ve got your first job.

Graduate Placement Support includes:

  1. Dedicated help and advice from our training team until you secure your first job.
  2. Ongoing support and guidance following areas that were identified for improvement through our robust Airline Pilot Assessment
  3. Guidance and support on writing an effective CV and covering letter
  4. Updates on airlines that are recruiting
  5. For graduates achieving a recommendation, introduction to airlines, both formally and informally, with whom we have relationships.
  6. Preferential rate for Advanced UPRT courses with British Aerobatic Academy (only available if purchased with APS-MCC)
  7. Provision of Wings Alliance APS MCC training reports for recruiting airlines

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“I chose modular training as I was able to work full-time while completing my frozen ATPL, completing everything in the UK in two years and two months, costing £65 000.

I think the enhanced MCC, although a higher cost is incredibly worth doing as it bridges the transition from flying single pilot to a multi-crew type rating on a much larger aircraft. I got my first job seven weeks after finishing my Wings Alliance APS and I could not be happier doing amazing flying every day, it’s a real dream come true.” Hanna Kerr – First Officer, Loganair.


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