Multi Crew Training – the APS MCC

Multi Crew Training – the APS MCC

Airline Pilot Standards Multi-crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course

The industry’s best course…leading to employment

  • 98% success in airline employment
  • Direct entry option available

This course is suitable if you

  • Have an EASA ME CPL/IR issued
  • A current CPL/IR Skills Test first series pass
  • Have the right to live and work in the EU.

If you have already completed your commercial pilot training with Wings Alliance and are ready for the next step, then you need to complete a Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course before your first multi-pilot Type Rating. You have a choice of a basic MCC course or an Airline Pilot Standards MCC course (APS-MCC).

What’s the difference?

The minimum regulatory requirement is a basic MCC course consisting of some theory training in multi-crew concepts and 20 hours of simulator training, usually shared with one partner. There is no pass standard as such. Basic MCC courses are cheaper than an APS-MCC, but are not regarded by most airlines as adequate preparation for a first Type Rating and do not prepare you as well for an airline interview and sim check.

The APS-MCC involves double the practical training of the basic MCC and has additional theory training requirements as well. Read this article which goes into the different types of course in more detail. Nearly every airline will expect you at a minimum to hold a MCC completion certificate before you apply to them, most require more than the minimum in the shape of an MCC-JOC course and some state an active preference for candidates to hold an APS-MCC pass certificate.


The Wings Alliance APS-MCC was developed with the help of Captain Andy O’Shea, ex Head of Training at Ryanair. We use a state-of-the-art Boeing 737 simulator and our instructors are current airline trainers.  The whole programme involves these steps:

  • Initial APS-MCC classroom training
  • APS-MCC Simulator training
  • Advanced pilot non-technical classroom training
  • Airline interview preparation.

Non-technical training and interview preparation are not required by EASA. We include these elements in order to maximise your chances of success at interview.

Your performance will be assessed throughout the course using the principles of competency based training, a format that the airlines understand. On  successful completion you will be supported through the airline application process and in many cases we are able to recommend candidates directly to particular recruiters. Currently 98% of our graduates have been offered airline employment within eight weeks.

The course fees are £6,950.

The quality of the training is fantastic, you receive a well-structured package including one-to-one tuition and regular assessments. I’m so glad I chose the Wings Alliance APS-MCC course as I passed my sim assessment and secured my dream airline job.” James Dawkins, Jet2

The Selection

Entry to the course for non-Wings Alliance candidates is via Selection which costs £295. It is conducted at the Wings Alliance headquarters in Clevedon, Bristol, UK. Airline Selection Days are scheduled every month on a Friday. If you pass our selection and you meet the above criteria you will be invited to apply to our APS MCC course.

We are often asked why we insist on people passing our Selection before doing our APS MCC, why we would turn away fee-paying customers? The answer is simple. We are a not-for-profit organisation with ethical values. Before enrolling you on this course we need to know that you are ready and have a very high chance of graduating, not only to the APS-MCC pass rate, but to a standard where we will be happy to recommend you to an airline. We also want you to have the confidence that your training partners are of a similar standard and you will not be held back by others who are not ready to make the transition from light aircraft to airliners. If you pass, we will refund the selection fee when you complete your training with us.

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Jevan Burchell, First Officer Ryanair
The Wings Alliance APS-MCC

The course has been extremely well designed, has a fantastic selection of bespoke training materials, and takes you from a single-pilot CPL/IR holder to a confident and proficient Multi-Crew Pilot. The level of expertise displayed by the instructors (all of whom are current Captains/First Officers) was second to none and they were always reactive to our individual needs as learners. If we wanted to cover a specific element in more depth or practice a particular manoeuvre, they made absolutely sure that we were confident in our own abilities before moving on to the next exercise, covering an array of theory and jet handling skills in tremendous detail.

The additional instruction in Crew Resource Management (CRM), Multi-Crew Cooperation, Line-Oriented Flight Training and Airline Assessment Preparation on the APS-MCC were hugely beneficial to my knowledge and skill-base.

The assessment process for the Wings Alliance APS-MCC was very thorough, expertly crafted and comparable to actual airline interviews. The mix of group exercise, competency-based interviewing and individual problem solving was both challenging and enjoyable. It was obvious throughout the process I was being observed by assessors who were themselves highly experienced pilots and interviewers. The course and the robust assessment I underwent, confirmed to me I was doing a very high-quality APS-MCC.

My experience on the APS-MCC made my transition into Airline employment a natural and very enjoyable next step. I approached my airline assessments feeling confident and well prepared due to the training I received from Wings Alliance, and I felt at ease in both the interview room and the assessment simulator. Subsequently, I feel that I had a head start on my Type Rating, as many of the concepts taught on the Wings Alliance course are also central to the core competencies involved in flying the 737-800.

The ethos, quality of training and aftercare behind the Wings Alliance APS-MCC is second to none, and I cannot recommend it enough.

In total I spent £61,000 on flight training from zero experience to my first job.

Hanna Kerr, First Officer Loganiar

I chose to do my APS through The Wings Alliance because I believe the course offered me the best training I could have received as a cadet. I thoroughly enjoyed the sim phase of the training and it really prepared me for what to expect during my type rating. The course develops pilot competencies and the sim phase really gives a good insight of how to use the skills daily as a pilot.

I chose modular training as I was able to work full-time while completing my frozen ATPL, completing everything in the UK in two years and two months, costing £65,000. I think the enhanced MCC, although a higher cost is incredibly worth doing as it bridges the transition from flying single pilot to a multi-crew type rating on a much larger aircraft. I got my first job seven weeks after finishing my Wings Alliance APS and I could not be happier doing amazing flying every day, it’s a real dream come true.”

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