Why join as an ATO?

Why join as an ATO?

An innovative alliance of high quality and respected Flight Training Schools, offering a complete modular pilot training route.

The Wings Alliance is a trade organisation whose members are some of the most respected EASA Flight Training Schools. Each member company will have different products and prices, they may be located in different states and may fly different aircraft types. They may actually be in competition with each other but nevertheless each Wings Alliance member is happy to recommend the services of any other member. This is an Alliance of mutual respect.

The purpose of Wings Alliance is to provide aspiring pilots with a credible and reliable training route and recommend the right graduates to airlines.

Why become a member organisation?

  • Leading the way – a unique and viable alternative to the integrated training route. Providing aspiring pilots with a credible, flexible and high quality training route.
  • Retaining independence – part of a respected ‘umbrella’ alliance.
  • Improved brand positioning – be associated with, and classed as one of the best EASA ATOs.
  • Increased business as the Wings Alliance develops.
  • No cost associated with being a member.
  • Recommendations from other members – Flight Training Schools are regularly asked to recommend suitable schools for a student’s next training phase, individuals will now be directed to organisations within the Wings Alliance.
  • Improved profile – centralised publicity, maximising opportunities to enhance reputation and market position.
  • Increased international business – Members of the Wings Alliance will include schools from across Europe and beyond, plus the organisation will be selling to the rest of the World.

How to become a member