About Us

About Us

About Wings Alliance

The free community that supports tomorrow’s commercial pilots with training and finding employment.

We have been helping aspiring pilots since 2015. We can do the same for you.

Wings Alliance exists to help aspiring commercial pilots get the support they need to prepare for training, pass their exams and find employment. What started as a small community run by a group of flight and ground instructors is today one of the world’s biggest support resources for the commercial pilots of tomorrow.

Our mission is to give pilots who are studying via the modular route free access to the same level of advice, support, and learning materials that integrated pilots receive. We provide unbiased advice on which licence(s) to obtain, where to train, and how you should budget. We can even liaise with your chosen school(s) to make sure your training is progressing effectively.

It’s all about guiding you through your training as you progress towards your dream career in aviation.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. That’s good news for you.

Because Wings Alliance is not-for-profit and is committed to proper corporate integrity, we never form financial relationships with the schools and companies that we suggest you use. And we never take commission. Any discounts we manage to negotiate (due to our reputation in the industry) are passed on in full to our members.


Our promise

There’s a promise that we make to every Wings Alliance member. We will communicate with you openly and honestly – giving you the knowledge you need to make informed choices about your flight training. We will make sure that you budget sensibly – with allowances for the unexpected. No surprises. No overstatements. No misunderstanding. Just thoughtful support and clear information – from your first training lesson to your first job on the flight deck. Train with confidence.

What do past members say?

“Throughout my training I was able consult experienced professionals to help me make good decisions that contributed to me completing modular training in 2 years, at a fraction of the cost of many courses.”

– Dyf Gibbs, Jet2



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