Planning your Training

Planning your Training

Everyone has their own learning style, ambitions, and unique circumstances that can impact on their journey to becoming a successful commercial pilot. Finding the training pathway that best suits your needs is crucial to your success, and that’s where we come in.

With the correct guidance and support, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve your goal of becoming a pilot. At Wings Alliance, we offer just that – support and guidance. From running our pilot assessment day to discussing with you the most appropriate schools to train at, we are here to help you in any way you need.

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Pilot Assessment day

Our assessment day will measure your current abilities against the criteria that airline recruiters search for. It allows us to identify your strengths, find the areas you need to focus on during your training and helps to make sure your training path is designed around you and your skillset. 

Discover our pilot assessment day




Learning to work as part of a crew is a vital part of becoming a commercial pilot. Let’s help to make sure you get the training you need to join any commercial team with confidence. 

Find out about APS MCC





Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is a mandatory part of becoming a commercial pilot – and equips you with the knowledge to deal with serious events such as stalls and spins. Let’s take a look at your options for completing this key course.

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Aviation degree 

Combine a full-time, high-quality aviation-related degree with outstanding value commercial pilot training that leads to employment. Learn more about the degree options that are available to you. 

Discover our degree programme with UWE Bristol




Costs and finance 

Even though a modular training path can potentially save you many thousands of pounds, there’s no getting around the fact that commercial pilot training is expensive. However, several funding options are available to make your training more manageable. 

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Training FAQs

Choosing to become a commercial pilot is a significant decision. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions. Find the answers with our training FAQs. 

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