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This way we ensure that this is an appropriate choice for you and you make informed decisions before committing to significant time and expense. Read more about our assessment course.

Helping to equip you with the qualities airlines are looking for

We select and develop your ‘pilot competencies’. The airline industry knows that it takes more than great flying skills to make a great pilot, and have identified 9 core competencies which a successful pilot must exhibit. 

In addition to the ability to fly an aircraft manually and using automatic flight controls, you must show skills such as:

  • Good communication
  • Workload management
  • Leadership and teamwork

All modern airlines assess their pilots against these core competencies, and the exercises and sim checks in airline interviews are designed to do precisely the same thing.

You are assessed against these competencies during the initial Assessment with Wings Alliance. If weaknesses are found, we work with you during your flying courses to build up your experience and skills.

We will support you in preparing and applying to any airline recruiting that you are interested in

Airline recruiters know that they can rely on Wings Alliance members. The majority of our members have successfully secured employment with an airline within a few months of completing their training, and we have a very high success rate in Ryanair applications.

Our graduates have found employment with the following airlines:

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