Finding Employment

Finding Employment

Career guidance and support

We do everything we can to help our members prepare for their career and find employment. Because becoming a qualified commercial pilot is just the start of your journey.


Join our Airline Preparation Day

We know how airlines assess their applicants. Our Airline Preparation Day is designed to help you acquire the skills you need to land your first job on the flight deck. Get feedback on your CV, compare interview techniques, and find out how to stand out as the ideal candidate. Your future starts here.

We will support you in preparing and applying to any airline recruiting that you are interested in

Airline recruiters know that they can rely on Wings Alliance members. The majority of our members have successfully secured employment with an airline within a few months of completing their training, and we have a very high success rate in Ryanair applications. We do everything we can to help our members into employment.


Flying career

Your career options

Qualifying as a commercial pilot doesn’t necessarily mean you have to enter the airline industry. There are many other short and long-term career options available to you. Because some people’s destiny takes a less travelled flight path.



Our members have found employment with the following airlines:

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What do past members say?

“The team at the Wings Alliance were there to support and mentor me all the way through.”

– Dan Tye, First Officer, Loganair