Airline Preparation Day

Airline Preparation Day

Our Airline Preparation day is tailored to give individuals the best possible chance at succeeding in their airline applications and selections. They are designed to cover the major elements that airlines assess, including your CV and covering letter, interview and group exercise skills and, techniques, aptitude testing and simulator assessment preparation. The course is conducted at the Wings Alliance headquarters in Clevedon, near Bristol, UK, BS21 6UJ.

Our course, delivered by our highly experienced staff includes:

Group exercises – to assess you on key competencies including leadership, team management, decision making, team building, workload management, situational awareness and communication. Airlines assess an applicant through group exercises to determine how well they will perform in a multi-crew environment.

Interview techniques – Airline interviews are “competency-based”, meaning that recruiters want you to demonstrate your understanding of different situations that may occur as a pilot, and how you can demonstrate, drawing from previous experience you are capable of dealing with them. Our Airline Preparation day will cover techniques on how to answer these questions confidently and precisely.

Curriculum Vitae and cover letter – Your CV and covering letter should professionally represent you as an applicant and clearly summarise your work experience and qualifications. We will discuss with attendees what to include in your CV and covering letter and, what makes you ‘stand-out’.

Technical assessments – You will be tested on questions which you will be familiar with from your recent APS MCC course, as well as your ATPL theory course. It’s wise to keep current with general ATPL knowledge, as you may be tested on this in your airline assessments.

Training Advisor discussion – You will have the opportunity to discuss your next steps in terms of your training and future job applications.

Following our Airline Preparation day, you are free to contact us and take advantage of our free support and guidance service.

If you have completed a Wings Alliance Pilot Assessment Course, as well as the VA Airline Training “Airline Ready APS MCC” which you can book through Wings Alliance, you will also receive a comprehensive Wings Alliance graduation report, which is useful when applying to airlines.

Employment support

Airline recruiters know that they can rely on Wings Alliance candidates. The majority of our members have secured employment with an airline, and we have a 100% success rate in Ryanair applications. Our graduates have also gone on to fly with British Airways, easyJet, Jet2, Lauda, Wizz Air, N-Jet, Virgin Atlantic and more. The Wings Alliance helps its members find employment by providing support throughout their airline application process, and we won’t stop until you’ve got your first job.

Member placement support includes:

  • Dedicated help and advice from our training team until you secure your first job.
  • Ongoing support and guidance following areas that were identified for improvement through our robust Airline Pilot Assessment, if attended
  • Guidance and support in writing an effective CV and covering letter
  • Updates on airlines that are recruiting
  • Preferential rate for Advanced UPRT courses with Ultimate High
  • Provision of training reports for recruiting airlines.

Pre-requisite requirements

The Wings Alliance Airline Preparation day is normally conducted after your APS MCC course, as its purpose is to help you prepare for your hopefully imminent airline assessments.

Information on our partnered APS MCC training course with VA Airline Training can be found here.


As part of your APS MCC package with VA Airline Training through Wings Alliance, the Airline Preparation day is inclusive of your APS MCC course price. The preparation day will take place shortly after you complete your APS MCC course.

The cost is £250 for individuals who have not completed their APS MCC with VA Airline Training through the Wings Alliance.

How to apply to our Airline Preparation Day

Please contact one our Training Advisors for further information.

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I chose modular training as I was able to work full-time while completing my frozen ATPL, completing everything in the UK in two years and two months, costing £65,000. I think the enhanced MCC, although a higher cost, is incredibly worth doing as it bridges the transition from flying single pilot to a multi-crew type rating on a much larger aircraft. I got my first job seven weeks after finishing my Wings Alliance Airline Preparation day course and I could not be happier, I’m doing amazing flying every day, it’s a real dream come true.” Hanna Kerr – First Officer, British Airways.

Wings Alliance’s Airline Prep day was brilliant. We touched on all aspects of an airline assessment day and it really gave me insight into how to present myself, how to answer questions confidently and correctly, and how to express CRM awareness and compliance. I got a lot of confidence out of it and it made especially the HR aspect of my assessment a breeze in hindsight. Josua Bimpong, soon to be First Officer at Ryanair.

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