Nick Lee: Undergoing Boeing 737 Type-Rating Training with Ryanair

Nick Lee: Undergoing Boeing 737 Type-Rating Training with Ryanair

Nick completed his modular flight training course in August 2022. He initially started off his flight training following a Multi Crew Pilots Licence (MPL) programme in 2019. Unfortunately due to covid, the airline mentored programme he was training on, removed his conditional job offer. He chose the modular route as a result, and reflects on the benefits of modular training in his story below:

What made you choose the modular route over integrated?

“I started my training on a Multi Crew Pilots Licence programme with CAE Madrid in 2019. Covid struck, and my final 7 ATPL exams were cancelled one week prior to sitting them in March 2020. I left Madrid and was able to complete my ATPLs in September 2020 in the UK. By that time, the airline had removed the conditional job offers from MPL cadets, so I elected to leave the MPL route and go modular. Had I known how fun, varied, and enjoyable modular flight training was, I would never have signed up to an integrated course such as the MPL programme. With the modular training programme, you are your own boss, and you can choose when and how frequently you train. I have met a far more diverse range of highly driven people doing modular training, compared to the fairly homogenous integrated crowd. I’ve loved every minute.”

How did you manage your time studying ATPL theory?

This part of my training was done as part of my MPL training with CAE so it was pretty full on. I completed the ATPL theory course full-time in a condensed 6 month timeframe, so my working day would consist of classroom studying, and my evenings plus weekends consisted of revision.

Why did you choose to join The Wings Alliance?

Firstly, the cost of modular flight training caught my eye. I was able to plan a feasible path to my goal, and the savings compared to the MPL were huge. It swayed me to eliminate uncertainty with CAE, and go for a different approach which was entirely controlled by me, and allowed me to work alongside training as well.


Which flight training providers did you complete your training with?

ATPLs – CAE Madrid (MPL) – Madrid
PPL – Fly Elstree – Elstree Aerodrome
Hour Building – Plus One Flyers – San Diego California
CPL & IR – Diamond Flight Academy Scandinavia – Sweden
APS MCC – VA Airline Training – Cambridge
Type Rating – Ryanair – East Midlands

How challenging did you find the APS MCC course?

I found the APS MCC very challenging. Going from a hand flying environment to an SOP driven automated one was tough. It was good fun though.


What preparation tools did the Wings Alliance Airline Preparation Course provide you with?

The interview preparation day was invaluable, as it gave me targeted feedback and exposed me to a range of tests that I could expect at airline assessments. I also enjoyed attending the virtual meetings with hand picked pilot speakers who told their stories.


What advice would you give to other budding modular students from your experience?

Do not leave any stone unturned when doing your research. Reach out to multiple providers for each stage of your training. Compare the timescales, entry dates and speak to past students to build a holistic picture of what you’re signing up to before you do it! Make sure you understand the licensing requirements for EASA & UK, and that the providers you want to fly with understand what your final licensing goals are. Once you have a good understanding of the paperwork and requirements, then get stuck in!

We are delighted to see Nick excelling in his career with Ryanair, and we wish him the very best of luck for the future. To follow in Nicks footsteps, speak with one of our training advisors today