BALPA endorse Wings Alliance

BALPA endorse Wings Alliance

We are very excited to announce that BALPA have endorsed Wings Alliance! Please see the letter bellow:

I am pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Wings Alliance, a non-profit organisation founded in 2015 by Alex Whittingham, the Managing Director of Bristol Groundschool. Wings Alliance has proven itself as a committed and invaluable supporter of aspiring commercial pilots training through the modular route.

One of the standout features is its dedication to making pilot training more affordable. Through the modular route, individuals can train to become commercial pilots with an approximate cost of £57,000. This is a significantly lower expense compared to integrated courses, where the training cost often exceeds £100,000. By offering a cost-effective alternative, this opens opportunities for aspiring pilots who may have financial constraints.

In addition to affordability, Wings Alliance provides a free membership and fosters a supportive community for aspiring pilots. Recognising that becoming a commercial pilot is a complex and costly journey, they ensure their members have access to the necessary support and guidance throughout their training and organise regular free crew room chats and webinars tailored to the needs of their cadets. These sessions provide valuable insights, updates, and expert advice, further enhancing the learning experience and preparing aspiring pilots for successful careers in the aviation industry.

Under the visionary leadership of Alex Whittingham, Wings Alliance has consistently demonstrated its commitment to supporting aspiring commercial pilots. The organisation’s emphasis on honesty, transparency, and support has made it a respected leader in this sector and one that BALPA is proud to work with.

Wendy Pursy
BALPA Head of Membership & Career Services
Recruitment & Organising