BALPA visit Wings Alliance – Assessment training

BALPA visit Wings Alliance – Assessment training

Checking out the landscape of Assessment Training

Ensuring aspiring pilots know what to expect from their training and helping them understand their options is a vital part of what BALPA’s Membership and Career Services does.

There are many different routes for people to consider and finding what suits each individual can be a challenge. But at BALPA (British Airline Pilots’ Association) we pride ourselves on having a thorough understanding of the training options available, including modular schemes and integrated. So, when I was invited to find out more about the Wings Alliance, I jumped at the chance to investigate further and experience what they had to offer.

The Wings Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association offering a free support community for modular pilots.  The Wings Alliance pride themselves on being fair, honest, ethical and affordable. Importantly, they believe in quality training and their aim is to help their members gain employment as professional pilots.

Wings Alliance opened its doors to BALPA, inviting us to experience one of their Assessment days for potential cadets.  I attended the Bristol selection centre (at Bristol Groundschool) and found the day efficient and supportive.  The assessment process is comprehensive, and they don’t want to waste the money and time of hopeful pilots who may not quite be ready for the training. The Wings Alliance Assessment course has now moved online, for further information visit our Assessment course web page.

It was a full day made up of competency-based interview questions, a group exercise and an individual exercise all designed to challenge the attendees.  The interview questions were challenging, but well designed to give applicants a chance to showcase their critical thinking and analytical skills.  The competencies and evidence given by the applicants were discussed in detail by the assessors, forming part of a very thorough marking process.  The assessment team was made up of two experienced assessors and a training assessor, who provided excellent support.

The team exercises measured ability to prioritise and work through challenges with time constraints which is integral to the testing but is generally useful to boost employability of the potential pilots.

Wings Alliance charge for these assessment days (as do other pilot training facilities), however, what I witnessed is their investment in the process doesn’t only test the applicant, it provides an excellent learning experience and leaves the candidates well-rehearsed for their future pilot interviews.

If a potential trainee fails, depending on the reasons, they can normally re-sit the day for no charge.  Each attendee also receives a follow-up call from the assessor to go over their feedback, giving them the chance to work on specific areas.  They also receive a symbiotic report that is not used in the assessment process but provides additional feedback and learning opportunities for the applicant.

Overall, Wings Alliance provides a thorough assessment that is both personal and enriching.  There is plenty of opportunity to receive feedback and advice on how to improve or succeed in the assessment process.

Importantly, the thorough assessment means that trainees won’t waste money on a course they are not right for, which in turn protects the Wings Alliance brand and ensures a high standard of pass rates.

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