Why train with our support?

Why train with our support?

  • Reduced costs

  • Flexibility

  • Spread costs

  • A wide choice of schools

  • The ability to continue working for at least part of your training.

There are advantages of training through the modular route, particularly the price, and the dedication of modular students is recognised by airline recruiters. Integrated training also offers some advantages but is very heavily marketed, and at a premium price. You may find our integrated v modular blog useful.

The purpose of the Wings Alliance is to remove the historic disadvantages of modular training so that you can obtain the same high-quality training at a reasonable price.

Historically modular training has failed because it requires you, at each stage, to choose the appropriate school, and most customers coming into the industry were unable to distinguish between good and bad. As a not-for-profit trade organisation, we are able to guide you away from any flight schools with poor reputations so that you get high-quality training throughout.

The second issue is that in the past training, records were held at individual schools and not available to airlines on selection. The Wings Alliance can maintain if you wish, an integrated record of your training successes which it will forward to the Airlines if required.

The third issue was time, the modular route was used by customers who wished to train while still in employment, and therefore it was possible for the complete training plan to take 4 or 5 years. Whilst this flexibility is still available it is also possible for Wings Alliance customers to have a training plan that will complete in the same time or less than an integrated programme, and achieve more flying hours while doing it.

“I’m a huge advocate of the modular training route. I was able to spread the costs of the training over a number of years which for me coming from what I would call an average financial background made it possible. Also, you’re able to work alongside your training, any debts you do have, will be able to be paid off far quicker, so you’re not having to wait until you start your first airline job before you begin to pay back borrowed money. I was offered a job with Jet2 within a couple of months of completing my training.”
Ben Bowker, Jet2 First Officer 

Most of the pilots in the world’s airlines are modular trained. Ryanair say they take 50:50 integrated and Modular students.

You are in control. You make the choices.

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