In-training support

In-training support

With Wings Alliance you are never alone. Once your training starts, we will help to monitor your progress and support your development – and it won’t cost you a penny. Let’s make sure you get the best from your training. 


We’re here to advocate for you

Modular training has many benefits – but can sometimes leave you feeling a little isolated as a student. Not with us. Wings Alliance can act as an intermediary between you and your training school(s), helping to make sure that your training is properly monitored and that you progress at the correct speed. On top of that we can help to make sure that proper competency-based training records of key training phases are maintained, while helping to resolve any potential issues that may arise between you and your school. 

One-to-one chats with training advisors

If you need some in-depth advice, you can schedule a meeting to talk to one of our training advisors. They can offer impartial advice and support to help resolve any issues you are struggling with – be it theoretical understanding, planning for your future or an admin problem with your school. Think of Wings Alliance as your perfect wingman. 

Access informative webinars 

Our webinars are hosted by experienced aviation professionals and cover everything from alternative training pathways to key concepts in flight theory. Perfect for augmenting your knowledge and hitting your exams with confidence. 

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Become part of a friendly, thriving community

Your commercial pilot training is something you will remember forever. And we have a thriving community that you can enjoy making memories with. Exchange ideas and discuss training with other pilots in the Wings Alliance Discord channel. And join regular virtual crew-room chats, where our experienced staff are available to chat online. Perfect for additional insight on key areas of your training syllabus.

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It’s free to become a member of Wings Alliance – and puts fantastic resources at your fingertips. All designed to streamline your pathway from student to an employed commercial pilot. Join Wings Alliance today.

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