Joe Belton

Joe Belton

Training with the Wings Alliance was really good as it provided me with professional support and guidance throughout all of my training. Training through the modular route without support or guidance would otherwise have been at times quite isolating.

They gave me reassurance of the quality of the training, and as I was chosen the modular route I had lots of options of flight schools to suit my personal circumstances.

The APS-MCC course they recommended was professionally run throughout, with experienced airline pilots carrying out all of the training. The simulator used to complete the 40 hours of training was brand new and of superb quality. This, coupled with the team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors, made each simulator session thoroughly enjoyable.

Interactive airline preparation support sessions and the continued support in finding a job after the course, makes Wings Alliance a great choice for any aspiring pilot looking for a flexible path to a career in aviation. I would definitely recommend them. 

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