What to expect on Assessment Day

What to expect on Assessment Day

Wings Alliance Assessment has 4 stages

1) Group Exercise

This will be carried out in a small group with two assessors observing. We will be looking at your:

  • problem-solving skills
  • leadership
  • time management
  • communication

“The assessment process for Wings Alliance was very thorough, expertly crafted and comparable to actual airline interviews. The mix of group exercise, competency-based interviewing and individual problem solving was both challenging and enjoyable.” Jevan Burchell, First Officer – Ryanair

2) Competency-based Interview

This is a formal interview conducted by two assessors. You will need to provide evidence to the assessors that you hold the required competencies to become an airline pilot. It is also very important to demonstrate your motivation in becoming an airline pilot too.

You will also be tested on industry knowledge, so you must show that you have good knowledge on the airline industry and what life may be like as a first officer.

Wings Alliance Assessment

3) Individual planning exercise

This is designed to put you under pressure with an almost overwhelming amount of information. You will need to come up with a plan and deliver it to one of the assessors, overcoming any problems that may arise during the debrief.

4) Computer-based aptitude testing

You will carry out a series of tests during the day so we can assess your pilot aptitude. These will include spatial reasoning, spatial orientation, verbal and numerical reasoning to name a few. An industry knowledge quiz will be done as well to test your current level of aviation knowledge.

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