What to expect on the online assessment day

What to expect on the online assessment day

The online assessment day has 4 stages

1) Competency-based interview

This is a formal interview conducted by video call.  You will need a quiet environment, a good internet connection and a webcam, mic and speakers.  It is best not to use a headset, but if you struggle with background noise that might be best.  The assessor will ask you a series of questions designed to encorage you to provide evidence that you hold the required competencies to become an airline pilot.  It is also very important to demonstrate your motivation in becoming an airline pilot.

You will also be tested on industry knowledge, so you must show that you have good knowledge of the airline industry and what life may be like as a first officer.

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2) Individual planning exercise

This is designed to put you under pressure: dealing with deal with a lot of information with a time contraint.  You will need to come up with a plan then brief one of the assessors on your solution.

3) Computer-based testing

You will already have carried out some personality and apptitude testing before the day; there will be more on the assessment day. These will include personality profiling, spatial reasoning, spatial orientation, verbal and numerical reasoning to name a few.  You will do an industry knowledge quiz to test your current level of aviation knowledge.

4) Training advisor discussion

Although this does not strictly form part of our assessment process, there will be the opportunity for you to talk to a training advisor about your plans for training and ask any questions you have about the support service we offer.

The timetable

The order of these elements may vary.  Typically the whole process is over in less than three hours.  The times can be adjusted to suit your availability; we usually aim to complete your assessment in a single block of time.

What happens next?

We aim to give you initial feedback the following working day and detailed written feedback within a working week.  If you need forther explanation or advice, we’ll be happy to help.  Usually we recommend delaying the final assessment day right until, the end of your flight training; it forms part of the airline preparation training we deliver at the end of the APS-MCC course.  However, occasionally we will recommend that you complete this training day ahead of time if we believe that you will benefit from practicing the techniques we will teach you during your flight training.

Typlically, we will invite you to join the Wings Alliance after your assessment.

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