5 reasons to choose modular training

5 reasons to choose modular training

What makes modular the right choice?

1) Lower Cost

Modular training is often much less expensive – sometimes costing half as much as integrated training. For example, some integrated courses cost £120k, whereas Wings Alliance training starts at £51k.

The quality of training is just as high, and you receive the exact same qualification as an integrated student at the end of it.

2) More Flexible

With a modular course, you can choose which companies you want to train with, as well as where you want to train. You could even live in your current location for a large part of the training.

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An integrated course will likely expect you to live ‘on-base’ at their training facility, which increases the cost of training considerably.

3) More Training Hours

Despite paying less money overall, you’ll receive more training hours compared to an integrated course, the minimum being 200 total and 100 pilot-in-command (PIC). This further increases the value for money that you’re getting!

It’s also helpful when it comes to joining your first airline, since having more experience can improve your flying confidence.

4) You can keep your job while studying

You can still work full or part-time while you’re learning to become a commercial pilot! This is another reason why the modular route can be more affordable – you can keep earning money at the same time. An integrated course doesn’t allow you the flexibility to do that, so you’ll need to have saved all your money before you start the course.

5) Training Quality

Wings Alliance only uses the best quality modular training and courses. For example, we were one of the first training schools to offer the APS MCC – the most comprehensive multi-crew cooperation course.

Taking an MCC is mandatory, and is designed to help you adapt to operating a commercial plane with another pilot. Some integrated schools offer the MCC JOC, which is a much older, less involved course and involves less simulator time.

Some airlines even say they prefer students to have taken the APS MCC, so it’s definitely an advantage to have one.

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