Wings Alliance: A Free Community Supporting Tomorrow’s Commercial Pilots

Wings Alliance: A Free Community Supporting Tomorrow’s Commercial Pilots

Wings Alliance, a not-profit-organisation founded in 2015 by Alex Whittingham, Managing Director of Bristol Groundschool is proud to announce its continued commitment to supporting aspiring commercial pilots training via the modular route.

Individuals can train to become a commercial pilot from approximately £57,000 through the modular route. This compares favourable to an integrated course where the cost of training to the same point is typically more than £100,000.

The Wings Alliance provides a free community where individuals can get the support they need as they progress through their training, pass their exams, and find employment. We understand that becoming a commercial pilot is an expensive and complex process. That’s why we offer a free membership.

Members can access free support and guidance from our Training Advisors to help them plan a training route that best suits their circumstances and explore funding options. There is also a Discord chat room available to all members where they can chat with each other and our staff and ask any questions.  Wings Alliance strives to communicate openly and honestly with its members to help them make informed decisions about their flight training.

We also run regular free crew room chats and webinars relevant to our members’ needs.

Since our founding in 2015, Wings Alliance has been dedicated to helping aspiring commercial pilots achieve their dreams through the modular training route.” said Alex Whittingham, founder of Wings Alliance.

The Wings Alliance offers an online Pilot Assessment course for members. The course consists of a competency-based interview, planning exercise and computer-based training.  Every member attending the course receives a detailed report identifying their strengths as well as areas they need to focus on during their training.  This course costs only £195.

Wings Alliance’s commitment to supporting tomorrow’s commercial pilots has made the organisation a leader in the aviation industry. The community is built on the principles of honesty, transparency, and support, which has helped countless people achieve their goals. As a free community, Wings Alliance is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need to succeed.

Former Wings member, Dyf Gibbs, First Officer for Jet2 said:  ”Attending the Wings Alliance Assessment at the early stages of my training was a pivotal moment in my path to the flight deck. The day gave me a valuable insight into the airline recruitment process, the competencies they are seeing and now to display them. This gave me a real boost.

I loved every bit of my training. Structured modular training with the support and guidance of the Wings Alliance is definitely the way to do it!

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